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This community was created for the purpose of selling/buying/trading chinese stuff. As there is none, this community was created. You can sell practically anything Chinese here: cds, dvds, cvds, clothes, accessories, clothes (styles) from China, Hong Kong, whatever. Just as long as it's nothing illegal =] Korean and Japanese stuff are allowed to be sold here but please take a look at the rule first.

Your maintainers are _snookums, and lightandashes.


1. Please put your images bigger than 400x400 pixels behind an lj cut.

2. Be nice! No flaming; if this community is turned into a flamewar, you WILL be banned. If you have a problem with a post or another member, take it up with the maintainers: _snookums, lightandashes.

3. No spamming; cheating; jipping. Do not try to sell things that are broken, defective, etc.
Anyone caught spamming, cheating, gypping, or otherwise shafting will be banned from the community and reported to both LJ Abuse and their local authorities. The maintainers have absolutely no patience for things of this sort and refuse to tolerate them.

4. In addition to Chinese goods you are may also sell Korean and Japanese stuff here so long as there is something in your post that is Chinese. Do keep in mind that this is a Chinese selling community.

5. This isn't really a rule but, this goes without saying, do NOT try to sell groceries! I know this community's name is shop__chinatown but don't take it literally and try to sell bok choy or something (aka perishable items). Selling snacks like Pocky is okay.

6. Please do not post the same entry twice, and do not post more than once every 3 days. If something changes within that time period you can edit your post.

Some links:

If there is a Korean selling community, please let me know and I'll put a link up for it. Thanks.